KTR has developed a complete catalog of different technologies serving different functions, featuring these most advanced and proven.

Coplanar Gearsets

Increase power density and decrease space
Using specialized tooth geometry, Coplanar gearsets offer effective and compact alternatives to Planetary gearsets with significantly increased contact ratios (torque capacity) and low meshing speeds.

Binary Logic Transmission Architecture

Increase system flexibility and efficiency
Using modular Coplanar gearsets and specialized ratio selections, KTR uses this architecture to exponentially increase the available number of speeds in an existing transmission envelope (4-, 8-, 16-, 32- or even 64-speeds).  Cross-drive architectures can also feature fully-geared efficient steering and regenerative steer differentials.

PolyCone Clutches

Increase torque capacity & efficiency, decrease space
Using a design that blends features of disc clutches and cone clutches, PolyCone clutches offer effective and compact alternatives to friction clutches with increased torque capacity and extremely low drag losses.

Bi-Directional Clutches

Increase system flexibility and torque capacity
Using special roller ramp profiles, Bi-Directional roller clutches offer a high torque capacity in a compact package with simple actuation mechanisms providing 4 operating modes:
  1. CW lock – CCW freewheel
  2. CCW lock – CW freewheel
  3. CW and CCW lock
  4. CW and CCW freewheel.

Tracked Vehicle Regenerative Steer Differential

Provides speed differential to outputs for steering
During turning maneuvers, sends negative torque directly from inner track to outer track.

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