What we offer

KTR offers a full suite of advanced engineering and prototyping services from concept and simulation through to tested prototype.

Concept Development

KTR can dissect any set of application or vehicle requirements provided by a client, general or specific, and generate system and component level specifications. From there, KTR can very quickly provide roughly-sized 3D concept models for client review.


KTR can provide highly detailed, customized and fully parameterized models of a concept design in a variety of physical domains (dynamics, thermal/energy, fluid power) to be used in simulation. Simulation results can be used to inform design decisions and skip costly design/prototyping iterations.

Detailed Design

KTR’s superior mechanical design expertise enables timely conversion of concept models into extremely detailed and comprehensive 3D models and assemblies. KTR can also develop control system designs for prototypes independently or provide support for a partner’s controls team.

Analysis & Optimization

Using a combination of the best commercially available software and KTR’s own customized proprietary software, KTR can conduct detailed analysis (including advanced FEA) to optimize designs and identify failure modes before manufacture.

Prototype Fabrication

Manufacturing Capabilities & Equipment
Highly specialized and experienced manufacturing staff | Multiple CNC lathes, CNC mills (3- and 4-axis), wire EDMs | Heat treatment ovens
Quality & Reliability
All manufactured parts are fully inspected with a CMM and other precision measurement tools for dimensional accuracy and surface roughness.  The most up-to-date GD&T principles are well understood and adhered to.
The seamless integration of KTR’s Engineering and Manufacturing teams allows for quick and effective in-process adjustments and accommodation of design changes.

Testing Services

Test Capabilities
Expert technician staff very experienced in assembly, testing and disassembly of complex machinery | 450 hp Electric Dyno Test Stand (Inline or Cross-Drive Configurations) | SAE #2 Friction Clutch Test Machine | Various other component and system test benches
Test Bench Customization
KTR will design and build customized test benches for any client’s project or study, including: Mechanical Design, Instrumentation and Data Acquisition, and Test Bench Controls and User Interfaces

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