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Ker-Train Research Inc. (KTR) is a wholly owned Canadian company, whose main activities are research, development and specialty manufacturing of Ker-Train Technology.

KTR transmission technology comprises two fundamental transmission concepts: the Geared Variator and the Binary Logic Incrementally Variable Transmission (BLIVT)

The Geared Variator is an infinitely variable transmission utilizing non-circular gears that can be classified as an all-gear CVT. Infinitely variable speed ratios from 0 to 1 are achieved with a mechanical efficiency between 94% and 97%.

The Binary Logic Incremental Variable Transmission can be used as either a close-ratio CVT or a wider ratio stepped transmission with partial and full load efficiency higher then conventional transmissions. This system uses a sequence of co-planar gear sets to achieve a number of gear ratios from 2 to 64.

Transmission development work has led to several spin-off technologies such as open differentials, locking differentials, limited acting differentials, transfer cases, a new planetary co-planar gear system, bi-directional overrunning clutches and couplings.