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Coplanar gear loops utilize a patented, unique gear tooth profile called an "addendum contact tooth profile." Embodiments of this tooth profile in gear loops yield contact ratios of eight to twelve. As a result, the noise characteristics of straight gears will be better than conventional helical planetary gear sets. In addition, the lower bending stresses inherent in this tooth profile will allow manufacturing the gears using powdered metal forming technology.

These gear loops can be substitutes for conventional planetary gear sets in transmissions and as low range reduction gears, and can also be used a differential since a 50/50 split is possible with this type of gearing. Under most application a significant packaging advantage is noted.

Current Development:

Limited Acting Differential (LAD)
The LAD works as follows: the differential contains one co-planer loop geared ratio into a bi-directional clutch. The geared ratio is set to the minimum turn radius of the vehicle. Under normal conditions the differential operates as an open differential. When either wheel exceeds the minimum turn ratio then the differential locks up as soon as the ratio is less then the minimum then the differential operates as an open differential.